FARNBOROUGH — And the final day of trading at FIA18 came to a conclusion today, which accounted for over $130 billion worth of aircraft orders over the past four days.

While Day 3 was quiet, today consisted solely of the manufacturers tying up their loose ends and announcing the final orders before their recap presentations.

Look out for the score-line on a separate article due to be released this week.


Airbus closed up the day with a couple of orders announced, both disclosed and undisclosed.

It was nice to see some more customers be confirmed from Airbus, having the majority of their week consisting solely of undisclosed customers.

They started the day with an undisclosed order for 10 A320neos, at list prices of $1.106 billion respectively.

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It was a good start to the day for Airbus, although they aren’t too worried about the success of the A320neo given its backlogs and operators.

The biggest order of the day from Airbus was with VietJet who placed an additional order for 50 A321neos, bringing their total logbook to 129 aircraft in total.

List prices for this deal were around $6.475 billion, which penciled in a far greater commitment to the A321neo variant of the family.

The final order of the day came with AirAsia X who placed an extra order for 34 A330-900neo aircraft, valued at around $10.07 billion, which brings AirAsia’s total order book of the variant to 100, having ordered 66 previously a few years ago.

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In all, it wasn’t as much a strong day as compared to the other days in the week, but that is expected as these orders were the final ones to be confirmed before they ended their airshow trading with a press conference.

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Boeing started the day also undisclosed as well, but for another huge commitment to the 737MAX program for around 100 units for over $11 billion at list prices.

Again, it is unclear about any clues regarding the customers, so it is more of a case of waiting for the carrier to disclose it in due time.

Next up came Hawaiian Airlines who firmed up on their Letter of Intent signed in March 2018 for 20 787-9 Dreamliners, consisting of 10 firm units with the purchasing rights for an additional 10 at list prices of around $2.82 billion respectively.

The second order of the airshow for Boeing was yet again another undisclosed order, but from two airlines ordering a total of 15 787-9 Dreamliners at list prices of $4.2 billion overall. Boeing did give a clue about the customers, however.

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One of the customers will be a new operator of the aircraft and the other carrier is an operator of the 787 already, which kind of does and doesn’t filter it down at the same time.

The third order of the airshow for Boeing was a deal for four 777-300ER’s with Dubai-based lessor Novus at list prices of $1.44 billion.

Novus currently has over 50 aircraft in their fleet worth nearly $4 billion.

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It was good news in particular for the 777 families as they now have some orders for the passenger variant to place in the backlog.

Finally, British Airways signed a commitment with Boeing and an undisclosed leasing company for three additional Boeing 777-300ER.

List prices were not announced but is a continuation of the current -300ER fleet that the carrier has.

Overall, Boeing had a successful final day at FIA18 and will have their results revealed on a future article coming up this week.


It has been a very quiet day for the other manufacturers at the airshow.

Boeing and Airbus rocked the final day of the show with some last minute orders before concluding their trading at the airshow.

Embraer concluded their wrap-ups on Day 2 of the airshow, so their main concern was more just for showing off the E190-E2 that is on display.

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For the likes of Bombardier or ATR, there have been no orders today or in the other two days of trading.

The only order of interest was yesterday for four CRJ900s from Uganda Airlines which has been their only announced order this week.

We will have to keep a close eye on Bombardier and see whether they have any orders up against their sleeve for after Farnborough.

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Other orders for ATR over the course of the week only came from HAC and EasyFly for a grand total of eight aircraft, so no significant orders from the two manufacturers to say the least.

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It has been a very busy four days we have a lot more to show you over the coming weeks from the Airshow so stay tuned!