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Airlines Startups, Relaunches That Took Flight in 2022

2022 saw the comeback of commercial aviation with startups launching and airlines relaunching operations.

The Spantax Convair CV990 in Palma

A Spantax Convair 990 rests at Palma de Mallorca Airport. EC-BZO · MSN 30 is a treat for aviation enthusiasts.

50 Terms Every Aviation Enthusiast Should Know

The following list includes 21 terms from flight theory, six meteorological ones, 17 acronyms, and six terms pilots use.

Top 3 Airlines of India According to Passengers Flown

Here is the list of the top three Indian domestic carriers in terms of passengers flown during 2022.

Airways Top 10 Never-built Commercial Aircraft 

The second half of the 20th century saw aircraft manufacturers design airliners with extreme characteristics.

Interview: Red Sea International Airport – Luxury Like Never Before

Airways speaks with Ian Williamson about the upcoming state-of-the-art Red Sea International Airport.

Innovation & Technology

Airports Innovation Passenger Experience

Thailand Announces Construction of Aviation Metropolis

One Works has been appointed to create one of the most innovative new airports and multi-modal transport hubs in Asia.

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Airlines Innovation

Emirates Completes 100% SAF Engine Ground Testing

This week, Emirates used 100% sustainable aviation fuel to complete ground GE90 engine testing.

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Top Companies Building New Supersonic Aircraft

Boom supersonic, Lockheed Martin and Hermeus are working toward achieving supersonic flight.

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Alaska Airlines Plans Streaming-fast Satellite WiFi

Alaska Airlines will install WiFi services on its regional aircraft fleet.

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