FAA Investigating Further Safety Incidents

FAA Investigating Further Safety Incidents

DALLAS – US aviation authorities are investigating a further safety incident involving two airliners at Florida’s Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport (SRQ).

The incident, which took place on February 16, involved an Air Canada (AC) Airbus A321, which had been cleared for take off. At the same time, an American Airlines (AA) Boeing 737 had been cleared for take-off from the same runway.

According to the FAA, the AA pilots aborted the landing after being advised by Air Traffic Control (ATC) of the departing AC jet. The aircraft were approximately 3,100 feet (945 meters) apart.

Air Canada Airbus A321 (C-GJVX). Photo: Michał Mendyk/Airways.

Safety Review Launched

This comes just days after the FAA said it was investigating a near miss between a JetBlue Embraer E190 and Hop-A-Jet Learjet at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS).

The FAA has now launched a thorough safety review following a string of close calls. A team of experts will “examine the US aerospace system’s structure, culture, processes, systems, and integration of safety efforts.”

In a separate incident, two United Airlines (UA) Boeing 737s made contact with each other on Monday, March 6, at BOS. One airframe was being pushed back from the gate when its right wing struck the tail of the other jet. No injuries were reported between the passengers or crew.

Featured Image: Photo: Michael Rodeback/Airways.

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