The Whole Crew Showing Off The New Flair Airlines Gear. Photo: Jack Beqaj

MIAMI – In partnership with Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard, Flair Airlines (F8) is unveiling its new uniforms aboard one of its Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

The flight will host media, invited guests and passengers between Toronto and Montreal for the unique unveiling and celebration at 38,000ft. Airways joins F8 for a look at the updated flight attendant uniforms. The uniforms are especially unique as they were designed by the entire flight attendant team. The collaboration of the team focused on the Flair Airlines “plane and simple” brand while incorporating flashy design elements.

“Flair is moving forward, as a brand and as a company,” said Cody Klassen, Flight Attendant “That means bringing the uniforms forward as well. We wanted to be more inclusive with our style, so everything is gender fluid. Our crew can choose whicheverpieces they feel most comfortable putting on their body.”

“The refreshed look and exciting build to the reveal aligns with Flair Airlines’ mission of bringing style, flair, and choice back to the airline industry,” adds Flight Attendant, Shannon Towler “Our new uniforms reflect the brand: plain and simple, but a little bitedgy and out of the box—now that’s exciting. Not stuffy, no nylons, just super fresh.”

Reintroducing Canadian to the Exciment of Travel

The highly successful Canadian tennis player Eugenie Bouchard is helping host the in-flight event, which will allow passengers to book low-fare tickets to come aboard the flight and be a part of the experience.

As Canada begins to reopen following the several COVID-19 waves, holding exciting events aboard its aircraft will help reintorduce Canadians to the excitement of travel. “I’m thrilled to be part of an event that involves a true-to-themselves brand that walks the walk and cares about Canadians,” said Bouchard. 

"The company and crew are great people and allowing fans to be part of this special surprise makes it even better!" Eugenie Bouchard, Canadian tennis player Click To Tweet

OnBoard The Flight

The event started with the arrival of the passengers and guests at the gate. Upon arrival they were greeted with several decorations such as posters, music and the main event a red carpet where a brief fashion show was going to take place. The fashion show featured flight attendants and special guest Eugine Bouchard showing off the multiple variations of the new Flair Airlines uniform. 

Once all the festivities at the gate were over, it was time to board the aircraft. Today’s flight was onboard one of Flair’s new Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft registered C-FFBC. The flight F8120 was a 55 minute hop from Toronto to Montreal. Once on board, there were a couple of gifts waiting on every passenger’s seat. These gifts included a Flair marketed water bottle and mask.

Steven Jones, CEO Flair Airlines Onboard The Flight. Photo: Jack Beqaj

As the cabin door closed, Flair Airlines President and CEO, Stephen Jones made an announcements telling everyone onboard what an exciting day it was for the airline. He also expressed his excitement for customers to see their stunning new uniforms in action.

When the flight reached its cruising altitude of 29,000ft, we first heard from Flair ambassador Eugenie Bouchard. After the brief remarks the fun began Eugenie Bouchard and several flight attendants came through the cabin with reusable bags with the flair logo on them and inside passengers had the opportunity to win more if they were lucky. 

Eugenie Bouchard Wearing The New Flair Airlines Uniform. Photo: Jack Beqaj

This was followed by a quiz held over the PA about the airline, where passengers had the chance to win tennis balls signed by Eugenie Bouchard, and other prizes. With this being such a short flight, and no standard in-flight entertainment on board the Flair Airlines team did their best to create such an enjoyable experience on board the aircraft.

This event was spotlighted by the reveal of the new cabin teams uniform but really went above and beyond just that. Creating a welcoming and special experience from gate to gate, helped showcase the enjoyable atmosphere on board these flights. In an effort to welcome Canadians back to the skies with the lowest fares possible Flair Airlines is embedding themselves in the market day by day. 

Story: Liam Funnell & Jack Beqaj

Featured image: Flair Airlines Crew. Photo: Jack Beqaj