Happy Mother’s Day from Captain Gorter

Being a pilot and a mother is a blessing. To see my two young ladies grow up to be responsible.

Aviation Is Not the Poster Child of CO2 Emissions

Transport accounts for roughly one-fifth of worldwide carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Aviation Would Never Be the Same

Anyone born before 1995, knows exactly what you mean when you say "9/11 or September 11."

Southwest Flight 1380: Anatomy of an Inflight Emergency

Southwest Airlines (WN) Flight 1380 was a Boeing 737-7H4 that experienced an uncontained engine failure in 2018.

Preparedness, United 328, and the Trust We Hold Sacred

What does an incident like that of United 328 mean to airline pilots, and how does it relate to the.

Op-Ed: Musings on the 737 MAX

Repeal and Replace? Consumer activist and former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader lost a grand niece in the Ethiopian Airlines, so.

Editor's Pick

Chronicles Editorial

Remembering the DC-10: A Pilot’s Perspective

Airline pilots live and die by their "number," or seniority number, that is.

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A Commercial Pilot’s Day off on the Piper J-3 Cub

I’ve always known that someday I’d own a Cub. Wherever I’d see one, I’d make an effort to look her.

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North, to the Past: Flying the Douglas DC-6 across Alaska’s Final Frontier

It’s three o'clock in the morning, Central Daylight Time. Our shuttle bus bounces deliberately along the airport roadway, navigating a seemingly.

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