Check Out the Crypto-governed Really Cool Airlines

Check Out the Crypto-governed Really Cool Airlines

DALLAS — Thailand has a new airline in the making, and whether you believe it’s cool enough or not, its CEO, Patee Sarasin named it “Really cool Airlines.”

The new carrier plans to commence operations by the end of 2023 with its destination listing out in the coming months. The airline wants to focus on international flights and up the nation’s aviation growth given the year-round demand.

Mr. Patee served as the CEO of Thai budget carrier, Nok Air (DD), yes the one with the bird’s beak. He owns a 51% stake in Really Cool Airlines.

According to Thaiger, “Really Cool Air is the world’s first GameFi airline project invented for players to earn, learn, play, and win. Our team is equipped with enthusiastic experts from around the globe, who are keen on areas like blockchain, GameFi, ecosystem management, crypto, NFTs, and more.”

Sarasin added, “Our ambition is to establish a brand new airline in the real world, which is governed by the crypto native citizens from our Really Cool Air GameFi.”

Patee Sarasin | Photo: Really Cool Airlines

Unique Drive, First of Many?

Since this is all new, we can speculate that GameFi entails play-to-earn, or in this case, fly-to-earn blockchain operations that offer economic incentives to passengers. What we can assure is that customers enjoy loyalty and rewards programs, but it can be challenging for both the owners of the programs and the participants to get the most out of them.

Blockchain rewards programs may present a game-changing opportunity for cost savings, participant growth, and flexible and quick member redemption.

Lenny Moon, CEO of FlyCoin, claimed last year that the biggest airline companies still had relatively little incentive to innovate in the industry. Despite having billions of dollars in debt related to their current customer rewards programs, airlines like United Airlines (UA) and American Airlines (AA) have been silent as to whether they intend to launch blockchain-related projects. Startups can benefit from this.

Bangkok Post reports that Really cool Airlines plans to kick off operations with two leased A330s, although the marketing image from the airline is an AAirbus A350.

Will the “Really Cool Air GameFi” project succeed or will it fizzle due to the volatility of the tech premise? Be sure to leave your comments on our social media channels.

Featured image: Really Cool Airlines

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