August 19, 2022
Chronicles Editorial

Remembering the DC-10: A Pilot’s Perspective

Airline pilots live and die by their “number,” or seniority number, that is.

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A Commercial Pilot’s Day off on the Piper J-3 Cub

I’ve always known that someday I’d own a Cub. Wherever I’d see one, I’d make an effort to look her over and speak with her owner.

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North, to the Past: Flying the Douglas DC-6 across Alaska’s Final Frontier

It’s three o’clock in the morning, Central Daylight Time. Our shuttle bus bounces deliberately along the airport roadway, navigating a seemingly endless labyrinth of heavy machinery.

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Into the Silent Sunset: a Story for My Friend

I gazed listlessly out the side of my airplane, impatiently rubbernecking like an interstate road tripper caught in a long summer traffic jam.

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Chronicles Featured

Reflecting on a Life in Aviation

“United 1 Heavy, contact departure!” Banking gracefully left, the mighty Boeing 777 climbed skyward, roaring out the bedroom door into the great beyond. 

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