August 19, 2022
AVJobs Featured Interview

Jobs in Aviation: Aerodrome Systems Specialist

Are you someone who likes to go hands-on, figuring out problems and finding solutions so that the whole place runs like clockwork?

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AvGeek Safety

Did You Schedule Aircraft Maintenance to Prepare for Winter?

The winter months come with specific aircraft maintenance requirements that help travelers stay safe and ensure productive flights.

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AvGeek Featured Special Flights

Umit Sabanci Breaks Circumnavigation World Record

Umit Sabanci has broken the world record for the fastest circumnavigation by scheduled flights in less than 48 hours.

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Airlines AvGeek Featured Industry Routes

How Airlines Launch New Routes

It’s pretty common for airlines to stop flying to some destinations and to open new routes. This is how they do it.

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Airports AVJobs

Brisbane Airport to Host Career Expo to Recruit Staff

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) will host the BNE Careers Expo in an effort to recruit up to 2,000 new employees.

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Airlines Boeing Innovation Technology

Air Canada Cargo to Add Boeing 777Fs, Drones to Fleet

Air Canada (AC) is going big in the freight market. The airline said that it would add two factory-built Boeing 777 freighters to its fleet.

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Airports AvGeek Featured

Airways Top 10 Oldest Airports in the World

These are the 10 oldest airports around the world still in operation, the majority of which are located in Europe and the US.

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AvGeek Enthusiast Corner Featured Technology

How Do Pilots Calculate the Speed for Takeoff?

Before you set foot on board your aircraft, a plethora of calculations will have been performed by the pilots that are flying you. What are they?

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Airlines Innovation Technology

Alaska Airlines to Launch Electronic Bag Tag Program

Alaska Airlines (AS) says the electronic bag tags will allow passengers to skip the step of printing traditional bag tags at the airport.

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Innovation Manufacturers Technology

UltraFan: Rolls-Royce’s World’s Largest Aero-engine Demonstrator

The Rolls-Royce UltraFan engine is being completed in Derby, UK, prior to its first run on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) later this year.

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