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Episode 25 – The Rise of the Middle Eastern Airline Giants [Podcast #25]

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Episode 25 – The Rise of the Middle Eastern Airline Giants [Podcast #25]

Episode 25 – The Rise of the Middle Eastern Airline Giants [Podcast #25]
March 28
12:00 2017

MIAMI — As a companion to Vinay’s two-part series featured on, “The Rise, Fall and Eventual Resurgence of the Middle East’s Airline Giants,” Rohan and Vinay discuss all things Gulf-Aviation in a unique special on the MEB3 and Turkish Airlines.

They kick things off by talking about the “rise” of Emirates, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish thanks to political will and pro-aviation government establishments relative to their peer countries (5:00).

But in today’s world, low oil prices, the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Brexit, political strife and changing nationalist attitudes around the globe are cutting holes in the business model of these four carriers, which is dissected in the “fall” section of the episode (22:50).

But the future is anything but bleak: new aircraft is on the way, with suppliers like Boeing and Airbus eager to work with the MEB3 and adjustments to be made on the commercial roadmap, there will eventually be a resurgence (41:00) of the MEB3 as well.

To recap, the idea behind the Airways podcast is to take a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.

This is not a news podcast (in fact, almost everything we cover will have been written about on the site by the time we discuss it), but rather one focused on in-depth analysis and assessment.

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