MIAMI – Business Class used to be the only way for business travelers to fly. However, with so many changes over recent months and with far fewer business trips taking place, it’s time for airlines to understand that Business Class has possibly had its day.

Now, business travelers simply want an easy, fuss-free way to get to their destination, and it could be that sprucing up the economy to suit their needs is the right way to invest any profits. Read on to find out more. 

LATAM Business Class. Photo: LATAM

The Budget Business Traveler 

Some businesses are startups with little capital behind them. Some have been running for a long time, but due to various events, they don’t have as much ‘spare’ money for traveling as they once did. Or perhaps they are just looking at different ways to save money in their business, which is something all savvy business owners should do when possible.

Whatever the reason, Business Class might not be an option for them anymore. Instead, they have looked into business travel solutions, and they know that the key to success is planning and that planning means they can save money. 

Yet just because we know that business owners want to save money and may well opt for Economy over Business Class in 2021 and beyond, that doesn’t mean there isn’t an investment to be made. The competition for budget travel is fierce, and when you add business travel to the budget end of flying, competition becomes even fiercer.

Therefore, making your Economy Class as luxurious as possible without turning it into something too expensive or unnecessary is a good way to start making changes that will work. 

SIA A380 Business Class. Photo: SIA

Add Value 

The difference between a Standard Economy ticket and a Business Class ticket could be many thousands of dollars. There is an added value factor that many business travelers will have felt when it came to spending that much money when such a thing was possible. If you want to gain the trust and patronage of business travelers in the modern world, that value can’t be forgotten about. 

In Business Class, the seats were larger and more comfortable, the food was better, the legroom was more generous, and the service was more attentive. Or at least, that’s how it felt (and in some cases, this was the truth). Therefore, it’s important to add as many of these valuable points to your economy class as possible.

Certainly, the food, drink, and service can all be upgraded. As for seat room and comfort, this is something you will need to consider in your budget when it comes to making changes and spending money. It may well be worth it, however. 

Photo: Airways

Offer Deals 

You might think that if you’re no longer pushing the business class aspect of traveling, then you’re already offering a good deal to business travelers when they pay coach prices. However, a good business owner will always be on the lookout for a good deal, and this could be the airline’s time to shine. 

By offering discounts on multiple bookings, for example, you can guarantee that your competition won’t steal any passengers from you. Business owners like to stick with one carrier and one supplier; it makes things easier and quicker when it comes to booking or buying.

In addition, you’ve got income for many months or even years if you can persuade them to use you. 

Featured image: United Airlines Polaris Business Class. Photo: United Airlines