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Dr. Dao vs. United & Emirates Capacity Cuts [Podcast #29]

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Dr. Dao vs. United & Emirates Capacity Cuts [Podcast #29]

Dr. Dao vs. United & Emirates Capacity Cuts [Podcast #29]
June 02
11:35 2017

MIAMI — It’s been some time, but Vinay and Rohan lend their thoughts on the United Airlines 3411 incident with Dr. David Dao, along with some commentary on some minor follow-up stories that have taken place since (2:32).

Next, WestJet is launching an ultra-low cost carrier – WestJet Lite? WestJet Encore Minus? What are the implications (15:10). Meanwhile, Emirates is doing what was unthinkable three years ago: cutting U.S. capacity in wake of the electronics travel ban (27:19) – or is it? Finally, Jet Airways is growing again, leveraging its burgeoning relationship with Air France – KLM and Delta in Europe (34:33).

Bonus: Rohan and Vinay discuss the new kick-starter campaign to help us get HUGE on Indiegogo, along with some of Vinay’s, “thoughts” on Chris Christie’s aviation policy.

To recap, the idea behind the Airways podcast is to take a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the U.S. airline industry.

This is not a news podcast (in fact, almost everything we cover will have been written about on the site by the time we discuss it), but rather one focused on in-depth analysis and assessment.

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