LONDON – Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), one of the largest aircraft leasing companies in the world, has released its Q1 2021 results.

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise is a global aviation services company headquartered in Dubai. With over 35 years of experience, DAE’s leasing and engineering divisions serve over 170 customers around the world from seven offices in Dubai, Dublin, Amman, Singapore, New York, Miami, and Seattle.

Business Transactions Update – First Quarter 2021 are as follows:

  • Number of aircraft acquired: 13 (owned: 9; managed: 4)
  • Number of aircraft sold: 7 (owned: 4; managed: 3)
  • Lease agreements and extensions signed: 48 (owned: 43; managed: 5)
  • Number of new servicing agreements: 1
  • New senior unsecured debt issuance: US$1.55bn; weighted average maturity (years):5.25
  • Bond repurchases: US$0
  • Share repurchases: US$0
DAE leasing Photo: DAE

Fleet Size

  • Fleet Size (Owned, Managed, Committed and Mandated to Manage): ~425
  • Customers: 108; Countries: 52
  • Owned Fleet Utilization (at March 31, 2021): 98.6%
  • Owned Fleet Average Age (years): 6.0
  • Owned Fleet Average Lease Term Remaining (years): 6.8

Featured image: DAE