It’s said that Twitter and Facebook have become the new blog. But like Winston Churchill said “The reports of my demise are premature”, the blog is alive and well. With Airchive turning 10 years old in February and feeling like we skipped a class we should’ve attended, we’re joining the blogosphere right here on our own site..

Better late then ever, but you’re never too old, right?! We’re going to blog content that encompasses the best of our site from inflight reviews, airport tours, airline history, museums, airplane graveyard, rare memorabilia, unique behind-the-scenes access, special events such as inaugural flights, and much, much more. Dare we invoke the cliche’ “the skies the limit”?! So without further adieu, here are our first efforts: An inflight review of Lufthansa’s Airbus A380 Business Class, an inflight review and farewell to a tri-Jet in its twilight: KLM’s MD-11, and the inaugural flight of American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER as the Eagle begins its rise from the ashes.