MIAMI— Throughout the week we covered the historic final flights of US Airways and the comprehensive cutover of the US Airways passenger service system. Followers of ours on social media saw our constant coverage of US Airways flight US1939 throughout its cross country route from Philadelphia – Charlotte – Phoenix – San Francisco – Philadelphia. Throughout the final flights, we were able to provide our followers with coverage from each stop, thanks to a young man named Ethan Hellofs.


Ethan’s passion for the airline industry and US Airways led to him asking his parents to fly on flight US1939 as an early Christmas gift. Unbeknownst to the Chapel Hill, North Carolina native, his parents purchased the tickets and gave him the itinerary one week before the flight. On the day of the last flights, AirwaysNews President and Founder Chris Sloan received the following note from Ethan:

“My name is Ethan Hellofs.  I am 13 years old and I love airplanes and flying. I lived in Germany for two years when I was in 3rd and 4th grade and had the opportunity to fly back and forth to the US and all over Europe.  Also, in Germany there are two fantastic transportation museums Spyer and Sinsheim where you can explore airplanes like a 747 and a Concorde, and I thought they were pretty cool.  As a result, I discovered the love of airplanes – there is something about flying in an airplane that is so amazing and one day I hope to be a commercial pilot. 

When I found out about flight 1939, the last US Airways operated flight, I really wanted to be a passenger on that flight an be part of aviation history.  Since Delta and Northwest have merged, as have United and Continental, I didn’t think there would be another opportunity to participate in another major airline merger.  I asked my parents if we could go on flight 1939 as an early Christmas present and they said they would think about it, but I didn’t think it would happen.  Last week, my parents surprised me by giving me the tickets for the entire 1939 journey from Philadelphia, Charlotte, Phoenix, San Francisco and back to Philadelphia.  I was so excited!  This is something I will never forget! “

12143123_827802480672165_375785270621092757_nAt every stop along his journey, Ethan sent AirwaysNews photos to share on our social media feeds and participated in our live coverage. Our coverage in Philadelphia, Charlotte, Phoenix, and San Francisco would not have been possible without his kind help. While in San Francisco, Ethan was interviewed by CBS affiliate KPIX.

At the conclusion of the final flight, Ethan took a picture with former US Airways CEO Ed Colodny and was given a copy of the boarding pass for the final flight. The whole AirwaysNews team gives a huge thank you to Ethan and his mother Julie Hellofs for making AirwaysNews and our audience a part of your historic journey.

Best of luck in your future endeavors, and Happy Skies!