We head to Iceland this week in the Network Beat bonus segment of the Airways Podcast, where Creators and Co-Founders Vinay Bhaskara and R dissect the Whos, Whats and WOWs of Iceland.

We start by delving into the strategic importance of Reykjavík’s Keflavik International Airport (KEF) (1:30), paying close attention to the capacity breakdown at KEF and its unique connecting model as a transit and stoppover point between Europe and North America.

Don't miss the report of Ken Donohue on Reykjavík's two airports, available in our November 2016 issue.
Don’t miss the report of Ken Donohue on Reykjavík’s two airports, available in our November 2016 issue.

We’ll then discuss Icelandair (6:40), the largest carrier at KEF airport with over 50% of the market share, its innovative and FREE “stoppover program,” and the future of its network and commercial strategy with the 737-MAX entering the fleet later this decade to replace its workhorse 757s.

We compare this to WOW Air (11:55), comparing the use of larger, widebody and Airbus-exclusive fleet. The remainder of the episode, we’ll do some additional compare and contrasts on the successes, threats and opportunities for Icelandair and WOW, and how these two will vie for similar types of traffic flows but with one utilizing a hybrid model and the other as a fully un-bundled LCC.

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