Welcome to the first bonus episode of the Airways Podcast. This new bonus segment, titled Network Beat, will be released every Thursday starting this week. Network Beat is a deep dive into the world of airline routes and route networks all over the world but with a particular focus on the United States.

This week in the first Network Beat bonus segment of the Airways Podcast, Airways Senior Business Analyst Vinay Bhaskara and Columnist R discuss Delta’s recent buildup in Boston (0:25), what Delta is doing in Raleigh-Durham (8:40), Southwest Airlines has lots of hubs (11:05), what Southwest’s hubs are (14:20), and how JetBlue will respond to Delta in Boston (17:12)

Moving forward, the Network Beat will be a weekly bonus segment. Later this week, we will also roll out a second bonus podcast segment (another short one).

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As we evolve the format of this new Airways feature, we would love your feedback as we look to find the optimal mix. And for now, consider this “Podcast Unplugged”. We’ll be adding production value enhancements as we move forward, in addition to special guests and contributors.

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