If airplanes and everything closely connected with the sky fascinates you, an aviation-inspired design would be a great option for your home.

Being surrounded with furniture, light, various flying accessories, which remind you about your greatest love, you’ll always be in the right mood.

Aviation-inspired interiors look individual, bright, accentuating your creative vision.

If you want to escape from a boring vibe and look for some freshness, it’s time to act!

Today, we’re going to talk about the essential things you need to create pleasant and inspirational flying décor.

Aviation-inspired furniture

The aviation theme goes hand in hand with retro and vintage style. You’ll see how your interior turns into something new as soon as you furnish it with coffee tables decorated with sheeted aluminum and completed with rivets, which make such a piece of furniture look like a plane’s wing.

Or, you can go for attractive and practical consoles for your TV and other media electronics.

The shiny metal coverage will bring a good portion of aircraft vibe to your living room.

Among the aviation-inspired collections, you can find nice storage benches with a leather seating area and aged design, complemented with drawers, or shelving brackets with rivet detailing.

Magic in details

It’s easy to transform your love for flying and winged vehicles with the help of small details like reproductions of famous planes, toys with a remote control or lamps shaped like airplanes or their components.

Airplane ceiling fans, wooden propellers or airplane lamps work magic in rooms, adding the final touch to the overall look or bringing the minimal raisin without destroying a balance. They easily create an attractive aviation look in living rooms, halls and studies.

Airplane flying over city buildings high-rise business skyscrapers. Tourism transport transportation travel by airplane. Airplane transportation in center. City surround airplane transportation.

Such a vintage wall décor as wooden airplane propellers are extremely popular in interiors as they change the general feeling as soon as you bring them in the room.

Due to the distressed texture, they look very realistic, and that will satisfy every flying enthusiast!

Altimeter clocks throw us back to the times when digital readouts didn’t exist. They will become the real highlight of your working space.

Not all of us can buy a private plane, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a replica of legendary or modern winged vehicle.

You can add a gentle retro touch to the interior by placing the little planes models on the table, shelves and wherever you like.

The imagery of planes can emphasize the form of a certain piece of furniture or add a strong accent to a minimalistic style.

Multi-colored or black and white big size photos or canvas with jet planes will match any home décor, making it unique and eye-catching.

Great ideas for decorating your kids’ bedroom

If you’re going to bring the atmosphere of aviation in children’s bedroom, you’ll surely need more colors for creating a playful mood.

In this way, pay attention to kids’ airplane table and chair sets which perfectly reflect the airplane theme and provide the little ones with a functional and cozy place for sitting.

Also, don’t ignore shiny sky bookcases if you need a good storage able to add a creative touch. These pieces of furniture resemble the vintage travel suitcases and look impressive against wall décor, representing maps of stars in the sky or blue background.

What about walking above the clouds? Even such a little accessory like a rug with printed sky views can create an astonishing impression. It’s a great option for the kids’ bedrooms, which will set their imagination free!
But the central piece must be an airplane kids’ bed.

Imagine how happy your child will be when he finds a glossy airplane with the engine and wheels right in his bedroom! Light lamps in the shape of a cloud will perfectly finish the overall design by creating an illusion of a cloudy sky.