MIAMI — Ever fancied having a Boeing 747 as an ultimate man-cave? Now, you may become the owner of a former Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747, which has been offered for sale at ebay.com with an opening bid reserve of just $299,000, or you can buy it now for $900,000 (transportation and labor costs not included.)

According to Concord Aerospace, the seller of the airframe, Lady Penelope (G-VFAB • MSN 24958 • LN 1028) was retired “after a illustrious career in the skies for the past 25 years as a part of the Virgin Atlantic fleet.”


Being the first of the 747-400 series to join Virgin Atlantic, Lady Penelope was delivered to Virgin Atlantic in 1994. After retirement, the aircraft was sent to Goodyear in Arizona, where it is now available for sale, although it is not in flyable condition as the engines, avionics and Auxiliary Power Units (APUs) have been removed.

“We have all of the capabilities to disassemble and transport the plane in sections. It is also possible to section out the plane out if you only require the fuselage, cockpit or the wings,” the seller said.

Virgin Atlantic is known for their marketing flair, but this was not their idea nor do they necessarily endorse it, according to a statement from the airline “As part of our ongoing investment in newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft, some of our older models are now retiring from the fleet. We handed G-VFAB back to the lessor in the condition required, and regrettably what it chooses to do with it after return is not in our control.”  The airline adamantly points out that the airline’s branding and the livery will be removed from the exterior of the aircraft prior to the sale.

While the Boeing 747-400 seems to be vanishing from the fleet at several carriers, some of them, such as Lady Penelope, are finding its way to a second life.