Story and Photos by Eric Sponetz.

Are you an aviation enthusiast? Are you a fan of TWA? Does the year 1962 have a special meaning to you?   If so you may want to make your way to John F. Kennedy Airport sometime in 2019 and pay a visit to the TWA Hotel now under construction at the former TWA Flight Center.

Today, media and guest were invited to get a sneak peek at what is to become the TWA Hotel.  The iconic Eero Saarnen TWA Flight Center was opened in 1962 at Idlewild Airport to usher on the beginning of the jet age and to represent the era’s excitement for air travel and today this New York City landmark is being transformed into a state of the art hotel.

Keep the year 1962 in your head because that’s the year the hotel will be themed.  MCR and MORSE Development have gone through the painstaking process of recreating the year 1962. Everything from a working vintage Western Electric rotary phones(purchased on eBay) where you will be able to make free unlimited international calls to TaB in the mini bar. The existing Eero Saarnen Flight Center will become the lobby and check-in area and two new towers are going up which will house the 512 guest rooms.  

The TWA hotel will include six restaurants and eight bars. Here is some really exciting news, one of the cocktail lounges will be housed inside a re-purposed Lockheed Constellation L-1649A Starliner and will be located between Terminal 5 and the TWA Flight Center.

On the roof, there will be a pool and for all you AvGeeks a 10,000 square foot observation deck looking out toward runway 4L/22R. And yes the observation will be open to the public, you will not have to be a hotel guest to access this area.

Now for the rooms, we were taken by 1960’s era transportation to an undisclosed location at the airport where MCR has erected a full-scale mock-up of a standard room and hallway. The first thing you notice when you enter the room is its kinda on the small size only about 325 square feet but the views will make up for that. There will also be 44 larger suites coming in at about 1,200 square feet. Each room has floor to ceiling windows, with most having views of the airfield or the TWA Flight Center.

The hotel beds are positioned in such a way that guest laying in bed will be able to view the goings on outside. You don’t have to worry about noise or light interfering with your sleep. The TWA Hotel will have glass windows that are 7 panes 4.5 inches thick and blackout shades. The room itself is furnished with an authentic Saarinen Womb Chair, Table, and executive chair. The room décor of the rooms is being done by architecture and interior design firm Stonehill Taylor.

Outside of the room mock-up is something of a test lab warehouse where MCR is going through products that will both be usable and fit the rooms 1960s theme.

The New York City area is not known for being friendly to aviation enthusiast. Being one myself I can tell you it’s hard being an AvGeek in this town. Tyler Morse CEO of MCR and Morse Development made it very clear that he wanted to make the TWA Hotel an Aviation destination.

An aviation museum, an observation deck and event space. This is going to be the place to be for any aviation enthusiast coming to the NY area. Morse expects 10,000 people to pass through the hotel per day.  The Hotel is expected to host 100 weddings and 50 Bar Mitzvahs per year.

Will this hotel be a success? Will travelers like the 60s theme? What we do know is aviation and architectural enthusiast are anticipating the opening of the TWA Hotel in Spring of 2019.