MIAMI – UK’s Cranfield University has just received a Saab 340 aircraft that will become the university’s national flying laboratory for aerospace students.

G-NFLB, a 22-year-old Saab 340 (B-456) performed its ferry flight from the Swedish city of Linköping (LPI) to Cranfield Airport (EGTC) on July 9. The aircraft will undergo further modifications by Cranfield Aerospace Solutions to make it a suitable classroom and laboratory.

Photo: Cranfield university

An Aerospace Learning Experience

The goal is to provide a great learning experience for aerospace students from over 20 UK Universities.

High-end onboard sensors and seat-mounted tablet displays produced by SCITEK Consultants Ltd. will make this flying machine a highly capable research platform along with sat com features from Inmarsat and Honeywell Aerospace.

The entire project, worth £3m, has been funded by Cranfield and several other universities that will use it along with certain industry partners, trusts, and alumni.

Featured image: Saab 340 flying classroom team. Photo: Saab