747-8F First Flight K64878-48_FA252597

This week, Airways Senior Business Analyst Vinay Bhaskara and columnist RA kick-off the first Airways podcast of 2017, starting with an in-depth coverage of the Q4 and FY earnings reports for Delta (1:42) and United (19:47), which posted their results during the earlier half of the month.

No conversation of the Big Three in the U.S. can take place without bringing up American Airlines, which, despite not reporting Quarterly and Fiscal Year results at the time of recording, had still taken headlines with the details of its new Basic Economy fare (33:52).

Finally, the duo decided to stay in the contiguous 48 this week and concluded on a somber note by discussing the retirement of United’s Boeing 747-400 fleet by the end of 2017 (50:37). We promise that next week will be slightly more international, but earnings is the flavor of the month!

To recap, the idea behind this podcast is to do a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the US airline industry.

This is not a news podcast (in fact, almost everything we cover will have been written about on the site by the time we discuss it), but rather one focused on in-depth analysis and assessment.

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