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Norwegian Air Shuttle, Indian Liberalization, and Cuddlier ULCCs [Podcast #2]

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Norwegian Air Shuttle, Indian Liberalization, and Cuddlier ULCCs [Podcast #2]

Norwegian Air Shuttle, Indian Liberalization, and Cuddlier ULCCs [Podcast #2]
June 29
10:00 2016

Welcome to the second episode of the Airways Podcast, the digital audio extension of our team’s world class written content. To recap, the idea behind this podcast is to do a weekly deep-dive into three or four important aviation stories or trends, with a particular focus on aerospace and the U.S. airline industry. This is not a news podcast (in fact almost everything we cover will have been written about on the site by the time we discuss it) but rather one focused on in-depth analysis and assessment.

This week’s episode is the first featuring the regular podcast hosting team of Senior Business Analyst Vinay Bhaskara and Columnists R and Alex McIntyre. Topics of discussion included:

  • Norwegian Air Shuttle’s protracted battle with U.S. airlines and their labor unions over the European ultra-low cost carrier’s Norwegian Air International (NAI subsidiary) – how should the US DOT rule?
  • United Airlines’ “value driving initiatives” – were we impressed by United’s latest pitch to Wall Street?
  • What do recent moves by Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines to improve their product and customer service mean for America’s ULCCs?
  • What are some of the potential benefits of India’s newly liberalized civil aviation policy?

As always, in addition to playing the episode on this page, you can also subscribe to our RSS feed. We are now live on SoundCloud as well, and you will be able to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes before Episode 3 drops next week.

As we evolve the format of this new Airways feature, we would love your feedback as we look to find the optimal mix. And for now, consider this “Podcast Unplugged”. We’ll be adding production value enhancements as we move forward, in addition to special guests and contributors. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below or directly via email.


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  1. Phoenix
    Phoenix June 30, 00:26

    Hello gentlemen! Nice job on the podcast, keep it coming!

    – Yes the time for NK and F9 is now. They’re not only competing with the legacy US3 but also against Southwest, who may not beat NK/F9 on fares but completely wallops them in operations and customer satisfaction. Don’t forget WN has the distraction of organized-labor and fleet renewal issues – time for those two to pull whatever customers they possibly can. A rock-bottom price only gets you so far if all you can offer is rubbish service.

    – re: India’s new initiatives: about damn time. I have never wrapped my head around why India’s airlines are in the state they are. The 5/20 rule needed to be abolished 15 years ago, and the willingness of the Indian government to absorb the continued scale of losses at Air India beggars belief.

    I would say though, at least domestically there is a healthy market of LCCs to supplement Jet and AI, and allowing foreign investment would be a great next step. One word of caution though, unrestrained seat growth could be disastrous to yields especially in the price-sensitive Indian market.

  2. Eric
    Eric July 01, 16:46

    Guys, I’m excited to have a new podcast to listen to and look forward to more episodes in the future. My one recommendation would be to make it a bit shorter. I just feel that while there are lots of good thoughts shared, it could be more concise. Maybe cutting out one of the topics would help?

    Anyway, overall I really enjoy it. Just a suggestion!

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