Here’s the summary of our newest issue, just for you! The 250th issue of Airways Magazine since 1994:

This month’s Airline Review, Airways Industry, and Airways Interview, written by Ken Donohue, James Green, and Rohan Anand respectively, have a topic in common: long haul-low cost airlines.


Ken presents in the Airline Review section the brief yet successful story of Rouge, Air Canada’s low-cost division, taking a look at its evolution and future expectations.

James brings you a thoughtful analysis of the long haul-low cost airlines, and how now the economics of new airliners such as the Boeing 787 and the Airbus A350 are allowing these businesses to be financially feasible over the long term.

To complement this, Rohan sat with Ben Ismail, AirAsia X CEO, and discussed the survival of the airline, taking a look at the risks and challenges inherent to the business model, and how despite the headwinds, the airline has remained true to its own standards.


Aviation is filled with failed business models and ventures, and airports are not exempt to this. The Airport Review of this issue brings a story written by Sebastian Schmitz and Berlin’s Brandenburg airport. There, Sebastian narrates the woes around the airport, and how the airport has not been able to become operational. Will this airport see the light some day? What do you think?

Opposed to what generally a long-haul low-cost business model offers, Andreas Spaeth brings a comprehensive review of SWISS Boeing 777-300(ER) on its first revenue long-haul flight from Zurich to New York. A must read!


Also, Andreas Rohde reports about Croatia’s European Coastal Airlines seaplane service, now grounded and with an uncertain future.

Finally, Maurice Wickstead narrates the history of BKS Air Transport. The autonomous carrier that was able to handle and expand successfully enough to finally be taken over by British Airways.

From the Airways Team, we hope that the 2016 issues amused you as much as we enjoyed creating and delivering their content to you. No doubt that 2017 will be a great year. Cheers!

That’s a wrap for this issue, AvGeeks. Until the next one! We’d love to talk more about this issue, but wouldn’t you prefer to find it by yourself? Now available at our Store and on the newsstands!