At Airways we’re conscious about the passion that our readers have for our magazine. Based on that premise, we made a summary of our newest issue, just for you.

This month cover features a very detailed story about Brazil’s low-cost Azul Linhas Aéreas, written by our Publisher and Editor in Chief, Enrique PerrellaA brief timeline that introduces the development of this airline, taking into consideration the politics and economic woes of the largest country in Latin America.

Moreover, we have for you additional content of Azul. The story attached below recounts the departure, arrival, ground and In-Flight Service experience with the airline and Enrique had the chance to spend a whole day with its President and CEO at the airline home base in Campinas (near São Paulo, Brazil.) Departure, arrival and Ground and In-Flight Service experience is included in the review.

Flying with Azul: Airbus A330 in Business Class to Campinas

Are you interested in background history of the first Air Force One? October’s Airways Special, written by Ron Marasco, provides a throwback to January 1943, narrating an epic flight in turbulent times, and how a Pan am Boeing 314 became the first presidential air transport of the United States.


And talking about changes throughout history, Robert Dubert flies back in time in our Airchive section to review the iconography of Northwest Airlines, demonstrating its evolution before merging with Delta Air Lines.

Additionally, Andreas Rhode reviewed the world’s smallest airline, Hahn-Air, and Matteo Legnani explores the colorful history of the iconic Milan Linate Airport.

On the other hand, AW 248 features the 35th edition of the Farnborough International Air Show, one of the busiest weeks of the year in the industry, with Vinay Bhaskara analyzing the orders placed at the event. Interestingly, Boeing scored a major success at the event with an order for 20 747-8 freighters placed by Volga-Dnepr Group.

And talking about the 747, we have two more additional stories for you in this issue, with Ken Donohue commenting his experience flying British Airways 747-400s, and an amazing story written by John Marshall, in which he recalls a special flight from Rome to New York after the Desert Storm operation. A must read!


Last but not least, in our Airways Literature, Clay Taylor brings you some of the implications and challenges related to Pilot’s sick calls, and Andreas Spaeth catches up with Malaysia Airlines former CEO, Christoph Mueller.

That’s a wrap for this issue, AvGeeks. Until the next one! We’d love to talk more about this issue, but wouldn’t you prefer to find it by yourself? Now available at our Store and on the newsstands!