Former Singapore Airlines Airbus 380 9V-SKA now turned into baggage or key tags - Photo : lorenzo Giacobbo/Airways

MIAMI – Going from a flying-giant status to being a keyholder is not a conventional way to end the life of an Airbus A380 but this is what happened to three of them, namely 9V-SKA, 9V-SKB, and 9V-SKE.

The three Airbus A380, all part of the Singapore Airlines (SQ) fleet, were retired in 2017 and flown to Tarbes-Lourdes (LDE) airport to be taken over by Tarmac Aerosdave, initially for storage, but eventually scrapped in May 2019 for 9V-SKB, November 2019 for 9V-SKA, and finally in May 2021 for 9V-SKE.

The aircraft, although exclusively flown by SQ, were on lease from Dr. Peters Group, SKA and SKE, and from Doric Assets for SKB.

Ex Singapore Airlines Airbus 380 9V-SKE now turned into key holders. Photo: Aviationtag media

Unique Tags from Aircraft Skins

But their life did not end in the Tarmac Aerosave scrapyard as Aviationtag, one of many that transform an aircraft into something special that can be used to tag baggage, as key-chains, or simply as airline memorabilia. These are usually handmade collectible aviation tags, upcycled from retired airplanes. honoring and giving them a second life as mementos, gifts, et al.

One of these companies recovered parts of the fuselage skin and gave them a new albeit different life. No more as a sky giant flying people all over the world but still accompanying passengers as baggage tags or key holders!

The scrap metal is sent to their Cologne (CGN) factory where it is cut into tags, both for baggage or key holders over which the description and registration of the former aircraft are mentioned, thus keeping their souvenir alive in time.

The Airbus A380s are not the only types having been turned into objects as many more aircraft fuselage skins have preceded them.

Keyholder coming from the skin of the ex Singapore Airline Airbus 380 9V-SKE. Photo: Aviationtag website

Baggage tags or key holders coming from former Douglas DC3, Super Guppy, MD80, or DC10, just to mention a few, are available for aviation geeks to collect souvenirs from aircraft that made the history of modern commercial aviation.

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