MIAMI — As part of our new #Throwback section, every week we’ll be posting a video recorded by our new Contributing Editor, Daniel Sander.

Based in Glasgow, Daniel has filled his YouTube channel with some excellent footage.

In today’s video, we’re jumping back to Thursday, May 7, 2015, when an American Airlines Boeing 767-300ER (N386AA) had to perform an emergency landing at the airport.

“We were just about to move spots when we noticed AA71 diverting into Glasgow while it was Enroute from Frankfurt Germany to Dallas,” explained Sanders in his notes.

“The reason for this divert was due to a massive oil leak in the Right Engine. This engine was shut down midflight.”

According to Sanders, the plane came in “very loud and hard, the brakes were hammered so the plane could come to a halt near the end of Runway 23.”

Sanders tells that while the plane was on final approach, it was reported there would be some braking problems due to the amount of fuel it was carrying.

“The pilots showed their skills bringing the plane in without any disaster happening, hats off to them,” he said.

Curiously, the Captain of that plane saw the video and posted a comment on the YouTube channel:

Thank you for taking and posting this excellent video.  I was the Captain on this flight, and things got very interesting very quickly when our right engine failed in flight.  My thanks to the Glasgow Airport Rescue and Firefighting crews and the Glasgow Tower Controller for their professional response and assistance.  Thank you again for the excellent video.

Bob L.

Sanders narrated, “when the plane came to a halt, the fire brigade quickly got into action and on standby close to the plane, in case of a fire since the brakes got hot quickly due to the amount of braking power used.”