June 29, 2022
Siddharth Ganesh
EASA commercial pilot | Flight Instructor | Aviation Journalist & writer based in Germany.

The Soviet IL-76 in the Middle of an Arab Desert

This is the story of the mysterious IL-76 that for decades has sat abandoned by the E11 expressway in Umm

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Airlines Special Flights

NICEAIR Inaugural Flight: A Scenic Icelandic Approach

As HFM 124 starts the descent into Akureyri (AEY), it is perhaps the most scenic approach I’ve experienced.

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Airlines Safety

Both Pilots Flew the Airbus A330 Asleep

Find out what happened to the Captain of the ITA Airways (AZ) New York-to-Rome flight AZ609.

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Airlines Featured Interview

Interview: How Finnair Circumvents Russia’s Airspace Closure

Find out what adjustments Finnair (AY) is making to stay afloat amid the Russian airspace closure.

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Bombardier Technology

This Is the World’s Fastest Passenger Jet

Is this Bombardier's masterpiece? Say hello to the fastest passenger jet since Concorde.

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Airlines Routes

Eurowings Lands at Salt Lake City International Airport

Yes, as surprising as it might sound, Eurowings Discover (4Y) has started flying to Salt Lake City. This is the

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Industry Op-Ed

Etihad Airways’s CEO on Net-zero by 2050 – Doable?

It’s often you hear about going green, SAF, net-zero, and other eco-friendly buzzwords in aviation.

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Airlines Routes

United Airlines Nonstop Washington DC to Cape Town

This will be the first-ever nonstop connection between the American capital and South Africa's legislative capital.

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Airbus AvGeek Featured

The Airbus A300 Flying Zero-G

This is why the A300 offered 22 or so seconds of zero-G or complete weightlessness.

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Airlines Industry

Nok Air Is Going International – India and Vietnam

The pretty yellow-beaked airline of Thailand, Nok Air (DD) is getting back on track to launch an international expansion to

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