Maximillian Philberth
Maximillian Philberth is an electronics scientist and a licensed Flight Operations Officer with studies in cyber security policies for aviation and internet infrastructure. Max's interests in commercial aviation include flight dispatch, flying, and maintenance; plus cyber security, 5G, and aviation safety. Based in Tanzania.
Airlines Routes

Vistara to launch Direct Flights Between Mumbai and London

Vistara (UK) will add its second route between India and London Heathrow from June.

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Airlines Boeing

FedEx, UPS to Retire MD-11 Freighters

The two largest remaining users of the MD-11 freighter, FedEx and UPS have both announced plans to retire their 20+-year-old

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Airlines Routes

Delta Air Lines Expands Caribbean, Latin American Network

Delta Air Lines (DL) is to increase its presence across Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

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AvGeek Manufacturers

The Most Common Aircraft Structure Materials

Care is taken to choose the right structural materials during the design, repair, and maintenance of aircraft and their components.

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Editorial Industry Safety

Defending Civilian Aircraft from Surface-to-Air Missiles

The commercial aviation and international security communities have a common interest in protecting civil aviation from missile attacks.

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Passenger Experience Safety Special

The Facts Around Turbulence

Ever wondered what causes turbulence during a flight? We take an in-depth look at its causes and why there is

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Featured Industry Safety

Radiation Hazards in Commercial Aviation

Let's take a look at how solar, galactic, or cosmic radiation affects passengers, flight crews, and aircraft at high altitudes.

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Deep Dive Featured Safety

How Airline Crews Plan Their Sleep

We take a look at sleep planning, time zones, jet-lag recovery, and pilots' and flight attendants' perspectives on the matter.

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Airports Industry Safety

5G Wireless Communications and Aviation Safety

We take a closer look at 5G wireless technology, its risks, and the protection of the civil aviation spectrum.

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Industry Op-Ed Technology

How to Combat Cyber Threats against Aircraft

What security vulnerabilities do modern commercial aircraft have when it comes to cyber attacks, and how do we fix them?

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