Maximillian Philberth
Maximillian Philberth is an electronics scientist and a licensed Flight Operations Officer with studies in cyber security policies for aviation and internet infrastructure. Max's interests in commercial aviation include flight dispatch, flying, and maintenance; plus cyber security, 5G, and aviation safety. Based in Tanzania.
Featured Industry Safety

Radiation Hazards in Commercial Aviation

Let's take a look at how solar, galactic, or cosmic radiation affects passengers, flight crews, and aircraft at high altitudes.

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Deep Dive Featured Safety

How Airline Crews Plan Their Sleep

We take a look at sleep planning, time zones, jet-lag recovery, and pilots' and flight attendants' perspectives on the matter.

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Airports Industry Safety

5G Wireless Communications and Aviation Safety

We take a closer look at 5G wireless technology, its risks, and the protection of the civil aviation spectrum.

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Industry Op-Ed Technology

How to Combat Cyber Threats against Aircraft

What security vulnerabilities do modern commercial aircraft have when it comes to cyber attacks, and how do we fix them?

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RwandAir Dash 8 Overruns Runway at Kamembe Airport

A RwandAir (WB) Dash 8-Q400 experienced a runway excursion after landing at Kamembe International Airport (KME).

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Airlines Routes

RwandAir to Launch Nonstop Flights to London Heathrow

RwandAir (WB) will begin nonstop flights from London Heathrow (LHR) to Kigali International Airport (KGL) on November 6, 2022.

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ATR Bombardier Featured

How Turboprops Are Delivered over Long Distances

With assigned limited ranges, turboprops require several methods to deliver them to faraway airlines.

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Airports AvGeek AVJobs

How Flight Dispatchers Ensure Flight Safety

Flight Dispatchers have a plethora of responsibilities in airline operations. We'll take a look at the many tasks FDs perform.

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