Lee Cross

European Deputy Editor
Writer and aviation fanatic, Lee is a plant geek and part-time Flight Attendant for a UK-based airline. Based in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

From Parcels to Passengers – UPS Airlines

MIAMI – On March 7, 1997, a Boeing 727-100 more used to carrying parcels than passengers took off from Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

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Today in Aviation: KLM Given ‘Royal’ Title By Dutch Queen

Today in Aviation, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands give the yet-to-fly Dutch flag-carrier KLM its ‘Royal’ designation in 1919. Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij NV

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Today in Aviation: Air Wales Ceases Operations

MIAMI – Today in Aviation Air Wales (6G), the regional scheduled carrier based at Cardiff Airport (CWL) was consigned to the history books

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