Joshua Eldridge
Joshua is an aviation student majoring in airline and airport management. A student pilot who loves being in the air, Joshua has hands-on experience working with airport authorities and fixed-base operators. He also enjoys traveling to new airports and trying out new airlines. Based in Canada.
Airlines Routes

Virgin Atlantic to Increase Long-Haul Service Offerings

Virgin Atlantic has enhanced its long-haul service offerings with the long-awaited return of the lucrative London Heathrow to Dubai service.

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Porter Airlines to Develop Terminal at Montreal St. Hubert Airport

Porter Airlines (PD) has announced plans to develop a new terminal and passenger facility at Montréal's St. Hubert Airport (YHU).

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Transport Union Aims to Quash JetBlue-Spirit Deal

The Transport Workers Union of America (TWU) has raised numerous concerns over the JetBlue (B6), Spirit (NK) merger.

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Slovenia to Invest in Commercial Air Travel

The small European nation of Slovenia has announced ambitious investments in the country's air travel network.

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Uzbekistan Airways Puts Aging Boeing Fleet on Sale Again

Apart from the Boeing planes, Uzbekistan Airways includes a fleet of Soviet-era aircraft such as the IL-76 and IL-114 in

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50 Terms Every Aviation Enthusiast Should Know

The following list includes 21 terms from flight theory, six meteorological ones, 17 acronyms, and six terms pilots use.

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Airbus to Change A350 Design Despite Qatar Airways Dispute

Airbus has started the process of changing the core design of its A350 series due to a flaw in the

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Airlines Industry

The Fast-Growing Canadian Low-Cost Carrier Market

Canadian low-cost carriers are continuing to make their mark on the country's aviation scene.

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Qantas Starts Sydney to Seoul Service

Qantas (QF) has returned to the Sydney (SYD)-Seoul (ICN) route for the first time in almost 15 years.

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JetBlue, American Airlines Expand New York Offerings

JetBlue and American Airlines pin the success of the new routes on their extensive Northeast Alliance.

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