Edward Lee

I have been planespotting for years and writing articles since 2019. I have lived under the flight path to London Heathrow for all my life, and have had a fresh interest in aviation for just as long as a consequence. You can find me on my Instagram @LHR_spotter.

JetBlue + Spirit: What Could the Future Hold?

JetBlue(B6) and Spirit (NK) are far from similar. Some aviation commentators have hailed this as “the merger no one asked

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United Airlines Expands European, African Networks

Legacy carrier United Airlines (UA) is to expand its European network to three capital cities in addition to adding another

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Hong Kong to Lift COVID-19 Flight Ban

The Hong Kong government is to lift its ban on flights to and from the city and partially ease the

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British Airways Staff Choose Industrial Action

The dispute first arose when British Airways (BA) management’s salary was reinstated to its pre-pandemic levels.

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Airlines Routes

Qantas Lands in Rome, Gets Closer to Project Sunrise

The Qantas (QF) Perth-Rome route is the first, and so far, only nonstop flight between Australia and continental Europe.

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