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Miami International Celebrates Long-standing COPA Service

Miami International Airport recognizes the important role COPA (CM) has played in its links to Latin America.

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Airlines Featured Highflyer Interview

Interview: Semi-Private Aviation with Aero CEO Uma Subramanian

In an exclusive interview, Aero CEO Uma Subramanian describes how the new operator is capturing growth opportunities.

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Airlines Featured Interview

Interview: Sustainability with South America’s Largest Airline

Juan José Tohá, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Sustainability at LATAM (LA), describes how the airline is developing an

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LATAM to Make Falkland Islands Return

The reinstatement of the Falklands Islands service comes as LATAM (LA) operations are 74% of those in June 2019.

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Featured Interview

Interview: Romanian Aviation with Nicolae Stoica

This is how Romania became a beacon of hope for Ukrainian refugees thanks to its civil aviation authority.

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Airlines Highflyer Interview

Interview: Turkish Airlines Chairman Dr. Ahmet Bolat

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Bolat describes how a truly global airline continues to recover amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Henri Coandă International Airport: a Romanian Beacon of Hope

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 forced airports across Eastern Europe to adapt to accommodate refugees fleeing war.

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LATAM Launches New Route amid Strong Operational Projections

LATAM Airlines Group (LA) recently released strong operational projections for May 2022 in comparison to May 2019.

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Featured Highflyer Industry Interview

Interview: Aviation in the Americas with Peter Cerdá

The Americas represent a dynamic and diverse region for commercial aviation in the eyes of IATA.

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How Air Transport Powers the Global Flower Industry

Those who receive flowers rarely understand the role the aviation-based global logistics chain plays in ensuring their fresh delivery.

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