August 14, 2022
Alitalia Boeing 777 Diverts To Salt Lake City (+Video)

Alitalia Boeing 777 Diverts To Salt Lake City (+Video)

MIAMI — An Alitalia Boeing 777-200(ER), operating flight 621 from Los Angeles (LAX) to Rome-Fiumicino (FCO) had to divert into Salt Lake City (SLC) yesterday because of an unruly passenger.

Following the departure from LAX, the plane climbed to its assigned altitude of 35,000ft. 

As the aircraft continued onwards on its planned route, an unruly passenger forced the flight crew to divert into SLC less than 70 minutes after departing from LAX.

As shown by Flightaware, and local Twitter feed, SLCScanner, the aircraft had to enter into prolongated holding patterns while fuel was jettisoned.

After the aircraft landed, it was met by law enforcement officers, who reportedly removed the unruly passenger to allow the flight to depart back to Rome.

Photo: FOX 13 – SLC

According to SLCScanner, the 777 remained on the ground for approximately two hours 30 minutes before departing back to FCO, at 22:24 local time.

A flight from LAX to FCO typically lasts approximately 11 hours. This journey, however, lasted more than 15 hours with the unscheduled stop in SLC.

Source: Flightaware

It is unclear whether the passenger was charged and fined by the airline.

Alitalia currently operates a fleet of 11 Boeing 777-200(ER)s and one 777-300(ER). 

The airline links Rome-Fiumicino with Los Angeles on a daily basis during summer time.

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