Air Nostrum CRJ1000. Photo Iberia

MIAMI – During the morning of July 4, 2020, the President of Generalitat De Catalunya, Joaquim Torra, announced the decision to downgrade the Segria county to phase 2 due to a surge in COVID-19 cases.

The decision is a throwback to the quarantine days for Segria’s residents because from today all traveling to/from Segria’s country is forbidden unless it is not for work purposes or basic needs.

The downgrade of Segria Province will also affect Lleida-Alguaire airport (ILD), one of the biggest in terms of flight operations and aircraft storage in Europe.

Air Nostrum CRJ1000. Photo Iberia

Air Nostrum Flights and Training Operations

Due to the downgrade, Air Nostrum (YW), feeder of Iberia (IB) to PMI, has canceled all the flights to/from ILD for at least one week.

However, the suspension could last longer, that is until Generalitat, in coordination with Ministero de Salud (HHS), announced that the surge of cases in Segria County is under control.

Regarding Flight Training Operations at ILD, they will continue as normal, though there will be some restrictions in performing flight training at the airport.

Lleida-Alguaire airport (ILD). Photo: Aeroports Pùblics de Catalunya.

Forecast for Catalunia

The downgrade of the Segria County came after a surge of COVID-19 cases occurred in the comarcas (counties) nearby Segria.

In Fact, last week Huesca and Fraga counties located in the Aragòn region, bordering with Segria County, registered a spike in cases that lead these counties to be downgraded as well.

This downgrade lasted for a week. However, after Spain’s HHS declared the situation under control, the 2 counties moved forward to Phase 3 again.

Credit: Aeroports Pùblics de Catalunya Instagram: @aeroportscat

A measure to avoid further spread

Although the situation was thought to be under control, due to many workers moving between Fraga-Huesca-Lleida cities, the spike of cases spread around the Segria province of which Lleida (Lerida) is the capital.

As a result, the spread of cases into Segria County lead the general government of Catalunia to segregate all the Segria residents to avoid a possible spread in the Barcelona, Costa Brava, and Costa Del Sol areas.