MIAMI – Vinci Airports, a subsidiary of Vinci Concessions and part of the Vinci Group, has published its June 2021 and YTD cumulated results for traffic at airports the group manages worldwide.

For airlines, the airport management group is feeling the pinch brought in by the COVID-19 pandemic, registering variable falls in traffic depending on the country where the Group operates. For June 2021, Vinci Airports reports a downturn of 72.8% when compared to 2019 data and an overall loss of 79.1% traffic for the consolidated period of Q2.

The strand on loss is variable depending on the country where the group operates with an almost pre-crisis level of traffic in the US, the Dominican Republic, and Costa Rica. Europe, although improving, shows still negative figures much lower than in the corresponding period of 2019.

At UK’s London Gatwick (LGW) and expanding into Asia, travel restrictions are still negatively affecting flight resumptions. Vinci Airports has reported a total of approximately 14m passengers during Q2 2021, a staggering 79.1% less than in the comparable period for 2019. In April, traffic was extremely low – an 84% downturn -, increased in May with a -80%, and June which shows a -73% in traffic.

Photo: Vinci Airport

Travel Restrictions Ease and the Delta Variant

In countries where travel restrictions have been eased in the past months, traffic is climbing back to the pre-crisis levels particularly in the US domestic sector with Orlando (MCO) which has shown a minus 14% compared to 2019. Better results are also present in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica where traffic levels are almost at par with 2019 with a trend expected to continue in the near future.

In other countries where Vinci manages airports, the picture is other with traffic still well below 20189 levels but showing signs of recovery as soon as travel restrictions are lifted as is the case in Europe and in part of Brazil where traffic picked up significantly in recent weeks.

However, the recent spread of the COVID Delta variant has brought in renewed travel restrictions, i.e. Portugal, a negative sign on the recovery of travelers traffic in the European market. In Asia, the Japanese international market is not yet showing signs of recovery and the same trend is present in Cambodia.

Vinci Airports is now counting on the travel restriction that UK has lifted from July 19 to see traffic out of LGW return to better figures in the coming months.

Photo: Vinci Airport

Vinci Airports Results for Q2 2021

% change 2021/2020% change 2021/2019% change 2021/2020% change 2021/2019
VINCI Airports*-72,80 %-49,80 %-80,60 %
Portugal (ANA)*-66,60 %-46,00 %-80,9%
United Kingdom*-92,00 %-88,20 %-96,00 %
Japan (Kansai Airport)*-85,10 %-57,10 %-84,00 %
Chile (Nuevo Pudahuel)*-71,90 %-48,50 %-73,90 %
France*-66,60 %-45,10 %-80,00 %
Cambodia (Cambodia Airports)*-97,50 %-93,00 %-97,70 %
U.S.A.*-21,60 %3,90 %-49,70 %
Brazil*-26,20 %3,70 %-40,40 %
Serbia*-47,90 %-8,50 %-64,70 %
Dominican Republic (Aerodom)*-9,80 %37,30 %-32,40 %
Sweden*-74,70 %-55,30 %-84,90 %
Costarica*-2,30 %-20,30 %-53,90 %
*The comparison with June 2020, during which commercial movements were near zero because of the pandemic, is immaterial.

Article sourced on Vinci Airports Press Release and Q2 2021 Traffic Report

Featured image: Vinci Airport