MIAMI – Italy’s Venice-Treviso Airport (TSF) is set to suspend operations through the summer season to optimize its system and resources as it records a 95% drop in traffic.

The Save Group announced in a letter that the traffic of the Venice-Treviso airport system would record a 95% decrease for the current month of June.

Uncertain traffic to the airport will recover in the summer season, the Group states that “traffic will be concentrated on a single airport, Venice Marco Polo (VCE), keeping all the services for the territory active.”

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The decision by the President of the Save Group

On the morning of Thursday, June 4, the President of the Save Group, Enrico Marchi (64), informed the Mayor of Treviso Mario Conte (40) of the presumed closure of the airport, hoping that as soon as possible “we can return to the [conditions] preceding the crisis that affected the entire airport sector.”

On his part, the Treviso Mayor explains that expecting the airport to reopen would not be realistic with the borders closed and no tourists.

Conte said, “I spoke with the President of Save and he assured me that the investment plan will continue.” In an interview with him – explains Conte – “I had ample reassurance on the investments that will be faced on the development of the airport and on the new routes that will open from Treviso. “

Marco Polo Airport.

Venice-Treviso Airport in 2019

At the end of 2019, TSF had totaled 3,254,731 million passengers with 24,116 movements, recording a 5.3% growth. Data referring to the same year show that the airport had totaled 285,051 thousand passengers in June, with 2,317 movements, recording a growth of 17.9%.

In all, this is a serious blow for the airport located in Veneto, which sees all its destinations being operated by low-cost airlines and where Ryanair (FR) is the major carrier, creating a significant supply chain for the Treviso airport system.

We just have to hope for a rapid recovery, post-COVID-19, to return to normal.