Photo: Washington Dulles International Airport

MIAMI – After nearly 48 hours in office, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order imposing a 14-day quarantine period for travelers entering the US regardless of whether they present negative COVID-19 test results.

Furthermore, the new POTUS will enact a CDC’s (Center Disease Center) draft pertaining to mandatory COVID-19 tests within 72 hours upon arrival to the US for travelers and returning residents.

Apart from the new measures enacted by the new US President, a important change will be the mandatory wearing of mask during transit in airport areas, not only on board aircraft.

Quarantine Period Can Be Reduced

Following the new guidelines published by the CDC to curb the COVID19 infections in the US Territory, the Center reported the possibility to reduce the quarantine period from 14 days to just seven if the travelers undergo a second test 4/5 days after the first one and have negative results.

Aeromexico Boeing 787. Photo: Alberto Cucini /Airways- @ac_avphoto

New Tighter Measures Will Reduce Travel to the US

As we saw in Europe, where similar measures are already in force, the US stance on inbound travel will impact US Air Transport directly, reducing the numbers of travelers in/out of the US not willing to quarantine.

With the air transport sector already severely hit by COVID-19, these new tighter measures will worsen the situation, further reducing international travel movements.

Moreover, many traveling for business to US from Central America will most probably have to reconsider their travel plans to avoid the mandatory quarantine required by US Authorities. The measure will affect airlines such as AeroMexico (AM) and Copa Airlines (CM) in terms of their US-bound passenger numbers.

Airways will have further updates on this story in the following days.

Featured image: Washington Dulles International Airport. Photo: IAD