MIAMI – Miami International Airport (MIA) today began Mobility Awareness Month by inaugurating new wheelchair charging stations with Airways in attendance.

The ceremony began with MIA CEO Lester Sola emphasizing how the new stations will ensure that “the magic and beauty of traveling is as convenient as possible for everyone.”

Susan Holtzman, Special Needs Advocate for the Office of the Mayor of Miami-Dade County further highlighted how the stations represent an “inclusive” Miami-Dade County for both residents and tourists alike.

New wheelchair charging station in terminal D at MIA, there are now 10 such stations throughout the airport. Photo: Brent Foster – @5starflight

Comfort and Confidence in Travel for All

Heidi Johnson-Wright, the ADA Coordinator for Miami-Dade County, highlighted how pleasures such as a “Madrid tapa-crawl” are oftentimes out of reach for travelers with disabilities.

The new wheelchair charging stations according to Johnson-Wright will ensure that all passengers are “comfortable and confident” as they begin and enjoy their journeys out of MIA.

Ceremonial ribbon cutting to highlight the new wheelchair charging stations. Photo: Brent Foster – @5starflight

A ceremonial ribbon cutting then occurred followed by a ceremonial plug-in of the first wheelchair charging station operated by Sola and Johnson-Wright.

Ceremonial first plug-in of a new wheelchair charging station with Miami-Dade County ADA Coordinator Heidi Johnson-Wright (left) and MIA CEO Lester Sola (right). Photo: Brent Foster – @5starflight

The 10 new wheelchair charging stations have been installed at MIA, going beyond ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements and complementing other services at MIA including the Aria Network, the Sunflower Lanyard, Multi-Sensory Rooms, And Service Animals Relief Areas.

Leading the way, travelers at MIA will no longer have to worry about being limited by the battery power in their wheelchairs thanks to the charging stations, which will hopefully become more prevalent not only through airports around the United States, but the world.

Featured image: Miami-Dade County Special Needs Advocate Susan Holtzman, Miami-Dade County ADA Coordinator Heidi Johnson-Wright, MIA Communications Director Greg Chin, and MIA CEO Lester Sola at inaugural event for new wheelchair charging stations at MIA. Photo: Brent Foster – @5starflight