MIAMI – A new executive terminal will potentially be coming to the north side of Miami International Airport (MIA) according to the Miami Herald.

Passengers by driving to the north side will be able to skip the heavy traffic and long TSA lines in the regular passenger terminals. The terminal will operate out of the former Pan Am headquarters off of Northwest 36 Street.

Departing view of Amerijet cargo terminal on the north side of MIA from a Delta MD-88 in 2019. Photo: © Brent Foster – @5starflight

Premium Service

The facility will include 24-hour service, private rooms and showers, premium dining options, conference facilities, a spa, and an outdoor deck.

When passengers have to get to their commercial flight a car, a similar service already in existence at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) uses BMWs, will drive them across the airport to their specific gate whether they are flying first class or economy.

It will be interesting to see whether the executive terminal takes off at MIA, but it certainly ensures a higher level of premium service available to commercial as opposed to private jet passengers.

Featured image: View of north side of MIA from control tower. Photo: © Max Taubman – @maximumaviation