MIAMI – The Kaunas Airport (KUN) project was launched in October 2019 with an opening date targeted for the end of 2020.

Notwithstanding the current troubled times, the date was maintained and the opening announced on February 16 thanks to measures that mitigated the COVID-19 impact during construction.

MAAS Aviation is a recognized MRO provider with three-decade-long experience and a standing partnership with Airbus.
It ensures aircraft painting in Germany and in the USA for Airbus and does re-painting for airlines both in Europe and the USA.

Photo: MAAS Kaunas

The First of Its Kind in Lithuania

The Kaunas facility, the first of its kind in Lithuania, consists of an ultra-modern twin-bay narrow body paint shop capable of accommodating two Airbus A321 sized aircraft.

The new paint shop is housed in a brand new multimillion Euro, 12,000 square meters hangar, situated in the northern part of KAU Airport.

The choice of KAU was influenced by several factors, including its position in central/eastern Europe and, according to Tim Macdougald, MAAS CEO, “by the universal will of the Lithuanian authorities to bring a new industry to Lithuania”.

He also added, “I would particularly like to mention Invest Lithuania and the Airport Authority of Lithuania for supporting a project that spearheads the development of aviation services at Kaunas.”

Photo: MAAS Kaunas

Standards of Operations

Tim Macdougald “thanked FL Technics to combine their services with ours for the benefit of airline and lease customers” and Ryanair (FR) for “being our launch customer.”

The KAU shop will operate under EN9100, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards, these certificates being held by Maas Aviation at all their facilities which are operated to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards.

MAAS Aviation currently has eleven paint shops worldwide. Three are located in Hamburg (HAM), two in Kaunas (KAU), two in Maastricht (MST), one at Fokker Woensdrecht, and three in Mobile (BFM).

Photo: MAAS Kaunas