MIAMI – While the industry awaits air passenger demand to rebound, Munich International Airport (MUC) announces protective measures against COVID-19 to guarantee the safety and health of workers and passengers in its terminals.

The package of actions starts with the mandatory wearing of face masks to be effective immediately, according to the German government’s new health guidelines. In all MUC terminal buildings, hand sanitizer dispensers will also be provided.

Satelliteneröffnung München, Satellitenterminal München

Health coverage at MUC

Medical supplies will not be the only new regulations as the increments of cleaning frequency and social distancing rules in areas A through E of Terminal 1, central area Z, area F, throughout Terminal 2, and its satellite building will be further applied.

As a result, the plan includes the implementation of wayfinding markings in lines and floors and plexiglass panels in check-in, security checks, and common areas to ensure minimum distances and protection between travelers and personnel are assured.

To prevent overcrowding on the site, online checks will be available and a new service of special vending machines to purchase sanitary products will also bee launched.

According to the announcement, six new vending machines located near the security and gate areas will be set up with heavier staff presence to ensure the correct development of rules.

As the airport’s CEO, Jost Lammers anticipates that “air travel will rise and supply on the airline side will increase again” once travel restrictions are lifted, the airfield plans to provide passengers the highest safety measures and standard of service.

Due to this focus on service, MUC won in 2017 the categories of Best Airport in Europe and the world’s number one terminal for its Terminal 2, garnering the World Airports Awards for the tenth time in the past 12 years. By that time, MUC was the fourth airport in the global ranking.

Picture from Munich Airport.

MUC management in hard times

At the end of March, the plunge of flights was less than 10% in comparison with the same period in 2019. 

Regarding the negative impact of the COVID-19 at MUC, its operator, Flughafen München GmbH (FMG), and its subsidiaries have already announced the implementation of liquidity measures.

These actions were related to limited costs impositions on personnel and material for savings gains in all areas. Future plans for infrastructure enhancement were also postponed.

While the airport only maintains operativity for repatriation and cargo services, airlines will have to take its measures to fulfill MUC guidelines. Already Lufthansa (LH), whose principal hub is the airport, announced mandatory face masks wearing onboard.

Prior to and during the passenger demand rebound, visitors will be informed about the correct compliance of the protective rules at MUC through different media.