MIAMI – Milan Linate Airport (LIN), pursuing its innovation process, has started testing a new biometric boarding check system that will allow faster operations while ensuring enhanced security. LIN is the third largest international airport in Milan, Italy.

The new system, based on an innovative facial recognition system, will do away with paper or digital documents to go thru security and boarding at LIn, with the traveler’s face taking over and replacing boarding pass and personal ID.

The new service, which will be tested from now until August 31, is limited to Alitalia’s (AZ) frequent flyers on the domestic stretch between LIN and Rome (FCO).

Milano-Linate Airport – Check in area – Photo : SEA Milan Airports Media

Biometric Boarding Process

To use the system travelers must register their personal ID document at dedicated kiosks, scan their boarding passes, and finally scan their faces. Once these operations are completed, travelers may proceed to a dedicated boarding cue to pass departure security and then board the flight without any further checks.

The Face Recognition application will soon be available on Android Google Play and Apple Store to render even more simple the boarding process by scanning or saving the boarding pass on the app itself.

Comments from Milan Airport’s CEO

“This is a pilot project that will make it possible to cross the airport in just 10 minutes. We will evaluate at the end of the year, on the basis of the results of the experimentation, how and whether to extend it to other flights and other passengers,” indicates Armando Brunini, CEO of Milan Airports SEA.

The Ceo added that “the objectives are to make life easier for passengers by speeding up their journey, knowing that the moments of greatest stress are those when they are waiting in line.”

Featured image: Alitalia Airbus 319-100 EI-IMF – Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways