MIAMI – Orlando International Airport (MCO) has introduced new equipment and protocols to reduce the possibility of the further spread of COVID-19.

Alongside the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), MCO installed new acrylic barriers and no-touch identification readers. According to TSA spokeswoman Lorie Dankers, the series of enhanced measures will reduce physical contact and cross-contamination.

Additionally, at TSA security checkpoints, MCO will now feature upgraded X-ray machines for fewer bag checks. These machines produce a 3-D render for getting “very clear images” of the bag’s content, said Dankers.

Furthermore, passengers will not need to hand their passports or IDs to TSA officers anymore. With the new equipment, the experience at MCO is now a touchless one.

MCO after the outbreak of coronavirus, March 2020. Photo: Maryamarce.

Passenger Responsibility

Despite the measures, Dankers remarked that infection prevention starts with the passenger. According to her, exposure to the coronavirus is really based on proximity and duration.

Taking this point of view into consideration, she suggests passengers sign up for a TSA Precheck beforehand. This way, travelers will facilitate checking protocols for them and for airport personnel.

Apart from moving the whole time through the checkpoint process, Dankers said that passengers should be aware of normally prohibited items. Otherwise, other pocket items still need to go into bins for screening.

Regardless of the precautions implemented by the TSA, COVID-19 is a reality that will be in here for a certain time. Hence, conscious mask-wearing use, self-cleaning, and social distance could mark a difference for everyone’s sake.

Featured photo: Orlando International Airport. Photo: Orlando International Airport.