LONDON – Manchester Airport has recorded a 7% increase in passenger numbers for January 2019 compared to the same period last year, handling 1.78 million passengers.

The three destinations highlighted by Manchester for contributing factors was Montmontego Bay (Jamaica), Doha, and Oman.

Traffic to Montego Bay from the Northern Gateway increased by 19.5%, with traffic to Doha up 29.8% and 21% up for Oman accordingly.

Other highlights of interest for the airport was Beijing traffic rising 11.7%, Hong Kong traffic rising 6.5%, as well as a 9.5% increase in numbers for Singapore.

This means that in the past 12 months, the airport has handled comfortably 28.38 million passengers.

Photo: Manchester Airport

CEO of Manchester Airport, Andrew Cowan, commented on the positive results for the airport. “January showed that our customers really appreciate the wide range of destinations we offer to them, meaning they have an unrivalled choice of places to visit for leisure or business all year round.”

“We have worked hard over the years to secure routes to the likes of Beijing, Hong Kong, and Oman and it is really pleasing to see they are popular with passengers,” he said.

Cowan revealed that the airport is aiming to continue growing its current network of routes as it moves ahead with a major £1bn transformation of the airport’s terminals. “Excitement is really building about the opening of the first new pier in April,” he said.

“It will offer an enhanced experience for the 22m passengers in our catchment area and the terminal extension will open the following year.”

The airport has a lot of growth strategy in store over the next few years, with a new private terminal opening at the airport, dubbed PremiAir, which will offer passengers a private jet experience while flying on commercial airlines.

On top of this, the first phase of the £1bn transformation project is set to open in April 2019 with its first piers. The new terminal extension will then open in the Summer season of 2020.

Photo: Manchester Airport

Moreover, this new terminal extension will increase capacity by 150%, offering the opportunity to handle more passengers as the years go on and easily hit the 30 million passenger milestone.

It will also increase passenger experience through the addition of 60 brand new food, drink and retail outlets to use whilst waiting for their flights.

With this terminal expansion will no doubt see new route openings and also frequency expansions from existing carriers.

Time will tell over the next few months what will happen and what new routes we will see operate from the new piers.