LONDON — A person managed to scale a fence at the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport (ATL) and sprinted along a taxiway, then jumped onto the wing of a stationary plane.

The male, identified as Jhryin Jones, aged 19, even climbed over an aircraft’s wing and pounded at the plane’s windows before being arrested.

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Jones was seen to be wearing just his underpants and carrying his clothes in his arms. According to local media, passengers held an emergency door shut to keep him from getting inside the plane. It is also claimed that he was spotted lying on the ground doing sit-ups at one point.

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Jones has been charged with criminal trespassing, public indecency, and obstruction of law enforcement officers, the Atlanta Police said.

Initial reports suggested that he had left the plane and was trying to get back on.

However, pilots onboard the flight were quick to dismiss that claim as he had not been a passenger in the first place.

Stephanie Brown, a spokeswoman for the Atlanta Police Department said that the man had “approached an aircraft, jumped on the wing and began to pound on the windows. Five minutes later, he was taken into custody without incident.”

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Atlanta Airport tweeted, “There are conflicting reports as to how the male apprehended on the airfield accessed the airfield. He is currently in custody. Again, there is no impact on operations. The male who accessed the ATL airfield is in Atlanta Police custody. APD is investigating the incident.”

All-in-all, this is a very bizarre incident and however the male tried to get into the airport, the authorities and ATL themselves must look at patching that gap up before anyone else trespasses the airport as well. The problem with ATL being such a massive airport is that as the airport gets older, everything begins to be fatigued and can be exposed and taken advantage of. This event is a good example of that.