Milan Malpensa Airport Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo/Airways

LONDON – There is a sign of a restart at Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP) ‘Satellite Nord’ T1 with an increase in flights to the US and the Persian Gulf.

POTUS Joe Biden has stated that all EU citizens will be able to enter the United States beginning in mid-May of this year. Pending is the decision whether those travelers who want entry into the US will need proper COVID-19 test results.

Compared to November 2020, the MXP shows signs of a slight improvement as during the lockdowns for that month, two out of three “satellites” were closed due to the limited number of flights.

Milan Malpensa Airport Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

A Small Improvement over November

During the second lockdown in November, ENAC, and SEA, the latter a joint-stock company for airport operations, reorganized the only operational terminal, focusing the central satellite for boarding flights to the Schengen area.

Remote boarding (buses on the apron) from gates B26-39 was used to handle extra-Schengen departures, which had already been reduced to a small number of flights.

A small recovery is already underway as Qatar (QR), Emirates (EK), and Etihad (EY) are back. From the end of March, Oman Air (WY) will also resume, and after that Saudi (SV). From April 2, Delta (DL) resumes flying from Malpensa (MXP) to New York (JFK) and should immediately resume American Airlines (AA).

Malpensa Airport by night Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Stalled, Albeit With Improvements

As mentioned by Assaeroporti, the stalemate “continues on passenger flights, especially international and intercontinental ones, with goods that see Milan Malpensa with record numbers in strong contrast – partly due to the transfer of DHL from Orio and the strong growth of e-commerce with the opening of new DHL, Amazon air and UPS flights – and partly due to the concentration of cargo flights (on passenger aircraft) in the main airports given the absence of long-haul passenger traffic.”

As follow, the statistics of Malpensa passenger and cargo flights:


  • Malpensa 202,317 -87.7%


  • Malpensa 53,247.8 + 41.1%


  • Malpensa 4,462 -69.3%

Featured image: Milan Malpensa Airport Photo: Lorenzo Giacobbo/Airways