Terminal 1 complex at Manchester airport, Manchester, UK Photo: lucidtech.

MIAMI – In response to the imposed quarantine rules in the UK, Manchester Airports Group (MAG) CEO Charlie Cornish has criticized the government’s strict actions.

According to the CEO, authorities have failed to appreciate the importance of access to low-risk destinations added in quarantine list to the British public.

Thus, the government has not taken into consideration the long-term prospects of the aviation industry.

Besides the impact on the summer holiday season, Cornish also said that the government’s approach would put at risk the wider recovery of the travel and tourism sectors.

Charlie Cornish was appointed as MAG CEO in 2010. Photo: magairports.com

Cornish’s Approach

In its last update, the UK government also included the Balearics and the Canary Islands into its quarantine list. Prior tot this, it had only set the measure for Spain mainland.

The CEO said that authorities should enable some travel instead of blocking the majority of popular destinations for British passengers.

This, taking into consideration that some of these places have low rates of cases with at acceptable levels and, therefore, low risk to holidaymakers.

The MAG CEO added that in other countries, authorities are quickly moving to take other actions instead. These are related to developing flexible and risk-based approaches to travel restrictions and testing regimes.

Cornish is not alone in his approach. Today, IATA urges European governments to Ease COVID-19 restrictions in a report that shows the damages caused to airlines and economies due to the restrictions being imposed by each country.

Featured image: Terminal 1 complex at Manchester airport, Manchester, UK Photo: lucidtech from Wikimedia Commons.