LONDON – The first international flights out of London City Airport (LCY) have resumed today following months of suspensions due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This is due to the UK government’s ‘Travel Corridors’ policy coming into effect, allowing travel to select countries around Europe and beyond.

Photo: Filippo Martini

Ibiza Rotarion

BA Cityflyer (CJ/CFE) was the carrier to re-inaugurate services, with the first flights departing in the morning.

BA8483 was the first service in operation, heading out to Palma di Mallorca at 0650L.

The Ibiza rotation, or flight BA8463 followed around 25 minutes after with a 0715L departure.

Then later on, at 0835L, the BA8487 service to Malaga also departed with the final flight of BA3279 departing at 0925L to Florence.

These services will all operate on a daily basis out of London City Airport following strong booking numbers and demand out of the airfield.

Photo: Erben van der Lans

Comments from London City Chief Commercial Officer

Commenting on this news was London City’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Hill, who spoke delightfully of the operational restart.

“Today marks the start of the summer getaway season, and it’s clear that customers value the safe, careful, and speedy environment that we’ve created.”

“I’m also delighted to see BA CityFlyer back operating from their home airport.”

“Our partnership has been tremendously successful in the past and I am confident that it will be again, especially with more leisure routes like Nice, Mahon, Faro, and Bergerac to follow, as well as more daily rotations to Malaga, Ibiza, and Palma.”

“Looking ahead, I anticipate we’ll see more of our airline partners re-starting services in the coming weeks, encouraged by the demand we’re experiencing in the London market.”

Photo: Filippo Martini

British Airways CityFlyer

British Airways will double its operations from August 1 with more international flights to the likes of Nice, Mahon, Faro and Bergerac.

But for this month, KLM and Luxair will be joining BA Cityflyer in a restart of operations from July 13 operating daily services to Amsterdam and Luxembourg respectively.

Photo: Erben van der Lans

After LCY lockdown, 79% of people are likely to travel

London City Airport was shut between March 25 to June 21, with domestic operations initially restarting in June.

The first flight took place on June 21 with BA3287 operating a COVID-19 public health crisis flight.

Services to the likes of Isle of Man, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin were among the first to operate upon that domestic restart.

It is understood that out of these routes, the London City-Isle of Man route will operate on a daily basis, offering a vital connection point to the mainland UK.

The airport had also conducted a survey over the last few weeks, to discover that 79% of people were very likely or quite likely to travel when they are told it is safe to do by the Government and airlines/airports.

It also stated that 42% of such customers are planning to travel for leisure within the next three months, with 41% being for business.

Photo: International Flight Network

Is business travel in danger?

The airport believes that based on the strong approval rating for business travel, the claims of business travel being over is considered as contradictory and false by LCY.

It remains clear that London City is having nothing but positive news at the moment, as it remains on target still for most operations to be restarted.

The interesting sign is behind the fact that demand for bookings still remains high, which if replicated for airports around the globe, could potentially see recovery happen at a much faster rate.

However speculative, only time will tell at this point.