MIAMI – London City Airport (LCY) has today announced its plans to restart commercial operations by the end of June.

The first routes expected to be unveiled will be those to key UK cities and regions. Also, international flights are expected to touch down in LCY from the beginning of July.

During the closing period, which began on March 25, LCY staff worked intensively behind the scenes to prepare the airfield to welcome back passengers as quickly as possible, with some new features awaiting them.

The features belong to some of the projects included in the airport’s major development program. The ones implemented during the shutdown include better aircraft stands, a parallel taxiway, and new immigration and baggage facilities. 

Screening Checks and COVID-19 Countermeasures

Alongside the new infrastructure developments, the London City Airport Committee implemented a whole range of countermeasures to protect passengers when they begin to travel from the airport.

Some of these countermeasures include temperature checking technology both on departure and arrival, providing staff with face masks and visors, and providing clear instructional signage for every step of the journey.

The airport will also deploy rigorous and thorough cleaning regiments, including the use of an anti-bacterial surface treatment that will kill all germs upon contact and last for up to 12 months.  

In addition, passengers will have to follow some important measures for the health protection of everybody, which includes observing social distancing rules and the use of personal face masks.

Furthermore, LCY, in partner with CrowdVision, will implement a crowd control system to prevent large gatherings inside the terminal while at the same time redirect the concentration of passengers to quieter areas.

The Main Goal is Clear: Regain LCY’s Traffic And Reputation

This morning during the presentation of the restart of operations, London City Airport CEO Robert Sinclair said:

“When our doors re-open again shortly, our ambition is to provide the best airport experience in the UK to our passengers by ensuring we follow industry guidelines to the letter and by maintaining our reputation as the quickest London airport to get to and through.”

 “While there are many challenges ahead for the UK aviation industry, it is our hope that by outlining the steps we are taking to make the airport safe, and by incorporating the views of our regular travelers into our plans, we will give people the confidence to fly from our airport to destinations across the UK and Europe.”

Reopening after a three-month suspension of operations

On March 19, LCY suspended commercial and private flights after the UK government announced COVID-19 response measures.

As a responsible action due to the unprecedented crisis, the airfield also said at the time that during the shutdown period, all of its staff would continue to be employed and the airport would keep working with authorities to follow official guidance.

Now that the airport is ready to reopen, we just have to wait until the end of June to see how LCY will implement its new safety and control measures once operations resume in the heart of London.