MIAMICumbre Vieja erupted again, prompting La Palma Airport (SPC) to cancel all flights for Saturday. As of today, the airport is yet to reopen.

Since the volcano erupted for the first time in 50 years on September 19, air links with the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco, have been disrupted on a regular basis.

Due to ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano’s two-month eruption, all flights to the Spanish island of La Palma were canceled on Saturday. According to a representative for Aena, the operator of Spanish airports, a total of 20 domestic flights were canceled on Saturday and flights are yet to resume today.

La Palma Airport (Canary Islands). Photo: De Marc Ryckaert – Trabajo propio, CC BY 3.0,

Extra Aid for the Inland’s Infrastructure

During his visit on Friday and Saturday, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez pledged extra aid for the island’s economy and infrastructure, which is heavily reliant on tourism and banana farming.

After the eruptions of the San Juan volcano in 1949 and the Teneguia volcano in 1971, the island of La Palma is currently suffering its third eruption in a century.

Featured image: Hi Fly’s Airbus A380 landing in Palma de Mallorca on behalf of Thomas Cook. Photo: Javier Rodriguez/Airways